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    quick question
    after being totaly amazed at the speed in which leopard runs windows apps, I am wondering if it is possible replace Windows with OSX 10.5 on my other PC (NOT MAC), because then I could ditch Windows completely, and that would be sweet!!!

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    You [/i]can[/i] run it on a PC, but that's illegal. Also, it doesn't give as good performance and the experience is totally crappy, in that it will surely have issues with drivers and chipsets and such. Best way to run OS X is on a mac...

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    The degree to which it will run on the PC will vary based on the PC itself. Some work better than others. Even if you do, you will face issues:

    1) It is against the EULA to do so.

    2) It is against this forums policy to really discuss this, so no one is really going to help you.

    3) It will always be, at best, a hack. Every-time Apple brings out an update of any kind the potential exists that it will break the system on your non-Apple machine.

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    Oh well, with the macbooks windows compatability, I can just run linux on the desktop...

    No real need for Windows anymore!!!!!!!!

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