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    full hard drive, but no files!
    hi -

    I'm running an old g4 466mghz using os9.1 an osx - tiger i think...

    Anyway -
    The osx partition reads as having 15gig of info, leaving about 84mgb ! So I'm getting an error saying 'boot disk is nearly full - delete some files' .

    however - I don't store much on this drive - I'm basically recording audio files to an external drive, and using the onboard h/drive as operating system...

    When I look thru the folders on the osx partition, I se nothing even remotely close to fact, it looks more like about 5gig....



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    That could be the swap partition. The OS X needs about 5-15GB to store information when the RAM lacks enough space. This can be stored somewhere else but if you are not a computer savvy, this is not recommended.

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    Download and Run ONYX and clean up all logs and caches

    see if that helps

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    Tiger has lots of files you cant see. If you only have 85 megabytes free, you don't have enough free space to run anything. You need to keep at least 1 or 2 gigabytes free for virtual memory space.

    If you look with Terminal, and go to the root of the drive you will see all the hidden stuff.
    cd /
    ls -lag
    Note: do NOT delete any of this stuff, OS X needs it to run.
    You can do as louishen suggests, run Onyx or some other util to clean out log files and caches.
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    Check out WhatSize. It will tell you what is eating your hard drive space.

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