I am new here.

I hope that some of the experts can help me.

I am having trouble with my MacBookPro because of File Vault. (Don't ask!)

I can't back up onto anything but DVDs because no external devices are recognized by the MBP. So, I did that yesterday before having to give the machine to Apple to be serviced. (It's still under warranty.)

I moved a number of folders including the Documents and the Library folders in order to back up. I just wasn't thinking I suppose when I placed the "Documents" and "Libary" folders in with the 8+ gig folders to be backed up unto the DL Disks. I should have just pulled the aliases into the disk emblem.

When I moved the folders back, my Key Chain passwords for my e-mail client, "Entourage" no longer worked. No matter what I did, it simply would not accept my e-mail/keychain passwords

I reset the password. When I logged back into Entourage ALL my e-mails since January 07 (10 month's worth) were GONE! January was when the machine was set up. The old e-mails brought over in January from a G4 Titanium are now in another account. ???

I fear that when moving the "Documents" folder it wiped out those e-mails.

This is a big deal because it's a work machine.

Clearly the e-mails are still there, just not visible. I have not done anything else, such as empty the trash. Besides there is nothing in there having to do with Entourage.

I have done a system search and looked for the Main identities to no avail. They and the Entourage data base are gone.

I need a system restore program that will restore the system to an earlier time say, 24 hours ago before I moved those folders. Norton used to have such a program for Mac OS 8 or 9 if I recall correctly. It once saved my bacon. I also have read that Windows Vista has such a program.

Anyone know of a current one for the mac?

Thanks for your help.