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    Issues with time machine - can anyone help?
    I've a mac laptop, and therefore don't always have my external hard-drive plugged in. What I'd like to do is simply switch on my computer and do a time machine backup from time to time. It seems however that because the rate of daily backups is every hour, I have to wait 60 minutes until the backup is scheduled to happen routinely. Surely there's an override for a manual backup, but I can't seem to find it.
    Time machine looks and works otherwise very nicely, though unless you've a desktop mac I'd have thought that this would be an issue for a lot of users.
    Any suggestions?

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    Hi Andrew,

    I posted a similar question in the fact that I did not want my external drive turned on all the time.

    I have found that if you right click on the Time Machine icon in the dock you can start a manual back-up that way. (Click "Back Up Now")

    This is ideal if, like me, you don't want/need hourly backups and only want to back up your machine say at the end of each day.

    Hope this helps,


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    Chris, that's perfect, you're a legend.

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