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Thread: Not as good ?

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    Not as good ?
    Having a Powerbook G4 with 10.3.9 1.25mhz and now also having the newest Macbook Pro 2.2, I find certain things not as good or as fast as the older machine.
    i.e from waking the machine from sleep mode the old one is MUCH faster at reconnecting to the airport wireless network, in fact it's immediate, whereas the MBC take a minute or so.

    Also when browsing the web the pointer takes time to show if I have used the keyboard arrows to scroll.

    It seems to me that Apple have the new stuff out in the wrong order, by this I mean they produce fast machines with an operating system that runs fast and "then" introduce a new OS that slows the machine down. Why dont they do the OS and Then make the machine to suit ?

    I am seriously thinking of downgrading this MBC to 10.4, its ridiculous.

    How on earth can a G4 powerbook @ only 512 ram and 1.25 mhz be faster than a MBP with 2Gb ram and 2.24 mhz???.

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    I have neither of those issues on my MBP nor my MB, both with 10.5.1.
    My browser stays loaded at all times. When I open the lid, it takes maybe a second to a second and 1/2 for the screen to come up. I can immediately click a link on that page.
    And have no issue/lag with going back and forth between using the trackpad / mouse / arrow keys to scroll - zero.
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    I have Leopard 10.5.1 on 5 systems here from G4's to G5's to Intel. I have none of those issues at all. Not in the least. All come right out of sleep, are smooth as can be.

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    The problem most likely is that your computers are 2.2mhz! Computers were that slow before I was born! and a MBC? MacBook Classic... ugh


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