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    Question Transparent windows in Leopard, please help.

    I've recently upgrade to Leopard and the software that I was previously using (afloat) to make windows transparent no longer works. Specifically, I need to make Safari have semi transparent windows. Is there any solution for this for Leopard? Any applications or terminal commands to get Safari semi transparent?


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    I used SetAlphaValue in Tiger. Have not installed it in Leopard, so I don't know if it works or not. You may have to wait for a little while for all your fav apps to be upgraded. You might want to google it before you install it also.
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    Dear Abby;
    I would like to take this off as its driving me nuts can any one help.

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    SetAlphaValue doesn't work in Leopard since InputManagers are busted. However, the CrystalClear Interface seems to have overcome this limitation by integrating setalphavalue into its coding. It's a system theme, so it might be way more than you were looking for.. I've tested it and it wasn't my cup of tea on leopard, but the window transparency of setalphavalue work fine as long as the theme is installed. Be warned though, its still being developed and is use at your own risk.

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    Dear Abby;
    I would like to take this off as its driving me nuts can any one help.

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    You can remove SetAlphaValue from your system by deleting the directory “SetAlphaValue” from your /Library/InputManagers folder.

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