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    Sharing Issues
    So here's what i'd like to do, tell me if anyone has a reasonable solution.

    My wife and I have seperate user accounts on our imac. We both put music, movies, and photos onto the computer. I would like to have a main folder, and within this folder i'd like to have a music folder, a movie folder, and a photo folder, and probably something like an "unsorted" folder.

    I'd like both of us to have FULL access to all of these folders. read, write, all of it.

    One other thing, is that I would like for these folders to be the main folders for iphoto, itunes, etc.

    So somebody PLEASE tell me how much of this is possible...thank you very much in advance!!!

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    That is certainly possible my friend and what's more, it won't take much time to set up ....

    If you look at this location:

    MacintoshHD ~> Users ~> Shared

    This is where it's all gonna happen.

    No matter which account is active at any point in time, the active user can access that Shared folder.

    So, have a little think about this and go on ahead an create the folder hierarchy that suits your individual needs.

    Go on ahead and create them now if you like and I'll have a think of how best to explain without to much confusion how next to proceed.

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    Spawn got it just right there.

    As for iTunes and iPhoto, just go into the preferences of each program and change the location of where it saves all the files to the proper folders under the Shared folder and your good to go!

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    Thanks, I'll try it tomorrow.

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    With iTunes and iPhoto, you can use these apps to access your media but to achieve what you are after, don't allow these 2 apps to take charge or "organise" your media. You'll be organising it all yourself within the nest of folders in Shared.

    So, once you have all your songs/photos/movies organised and catalogued it's time to import your media, be it songs or photos, into iTunes and iPhoto. Or do as todd51 recommends.

    Now you and yours can happily browse the *communal* photo/music/movie collection just as you wanted.

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