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    application-specific language selection
    Hi guys,

    I got my first Macbook about 3 weeks ago, and I'm loving it so far. I was really impressed by Tiger and then by Leopard (when Apple sent out the upgrade disk for free after I complained that the salesman had claimed that it would come with the machine); having not used Macs really since System 7 (!) it was a nice surprise, and so much smoother than Windows XP and Ubuntu Gnome/XFCE which I've used for some time.

    Anyway... my question is whether there's a generic way to tell applications to use a specific language.
    Usually, Windows programs with support for multiple languages have a menu option somewhere to select it, rather than just taking the system language setting as the one true way.
    And for naughty programs which assume a hardcoded language (very common in Chinese software - they go ahead and use Chinese, but don't announce this fact to the operating system and thus appear as complete garbage on non-Chinese systems), Microsoft released a utility called AppLocale which sets the system locale for any application you want to run.
    This means you can have an English language system, but run Chinese programs in Chinese, Japanese programs in Japanese etc.

    However, I can't find any similar method in Leopard. My girlfriend is running a program called LumaQQ, which comes with English and Chinese (simplified) language resources, but there's no method to select them in the program and the "Get Info" finder command on the application package shows the two languages but their checkboxes are greyed out.
    She could switch her desktop to use Chinese, but that's too drastic and she wouldn't be comfortable using it that way... she just wants to run that one application in Chinese.

    Does anyone know a way of doing this, or why those language checkboxes in the "Get Info" window are greyed out?

    thanks and regards! Sorry about the long post but I do tend to ramble...

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