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    Unhappy upgrading os x using external screen, as mac book pro screen is broke

    So for months ive had a non working mac screen on my macbook pro (dropped it ).

    Ive been trying to upgrade to leopard and ever time it reboots, to start the install, my external screen which usually mirrors the broken screens display, is just showing the background of lepard, if i move the mouse to the right it will come on to the screen, so as far as i can tell its showing the main display on the broken macbookpro screen (which is not even usualable at all).

    Ive tried using the f7 button to change to the mirror display and does not seem to do anyting at all, ive tried Fn +F7 etc as well to see if it was that .

    But to no joy.

    So any one else know a way to sort this ?

    * And today i updated my software as tiger said there was an update, and since then i cannot even get it to load back in to tiger, im just getting the mac apple and the spinning bar.

    So now my mac is dead

    I can fix this using the installl disc, but need to see it lol

    please help a mac less user now

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    Does the F2 key on the keyboard adjust the brightness of the monitor?

    If so try option F2 - that might bring up the Display preferences where you can either set display mirroring or set the external monitor as the main display

    hope that helps - and I hope that shortcut still works in Leopard

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    thanks for the reply dude, i just found out a way to get it to display.

    Wat i had to do was get it to the install screen (where my external would at least display the lepard wallpaper) then close the lid to let it sleep then plug in a external mouse and leave the lid closed.
    This caused it to load the external as the main screen

    Then i was able to install etc

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