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    RAM consumption and virtual memory
    Hi there,

    I experience a much higher memory consumption in Leopard. With only browser, newsreader, iTunes, Mail and some Finder windows open, over 1GB of RAM is in use. With Tiger and those apps, only about 400-500MB were used.

    Also, I saw in Activity Monitor that applications started to use more real and a good deal more virtual memory. Consider, it uses about 50MB (which I find is okay) and 1.019,77MB virtual memory (right now). This wasn't the case with Tiger at all.

    What do you think?


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    that's some weird experience there...I honestly don't know what might be the problem.
    In my case I feel like leopard is using the available RAM more effectively than Tiger ever did (I personally have the feeling that Leopard is a lot faster).

    Maybe you have some not 100% leopard compatible software somewhere running in the background that hogs the memory?
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    I would agree with the above poster. I have experienced much faster response with Leopard and less memory usage.
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