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richieg 11-11-2007 06:46 PM

New Macbook & transferring info
I upgraded from a ibook running tiger to a new macbook yesterday

I ran migration assistant hoping it would simply transfer everything for me but it did not carry over the address book, bookmarks and email inbox

Can anyone help me to transfer these over easily

richieg 11-13-2007 02:56 PM

Any help on this?

I noticed that it did not transfer over my pictures to iphoto and music to itunes so I had to do all this manually and now my hard drive is maxed out.

Can someone please guide me through what I did wrong and what I can do to fix it

NanoBite 11-13-2007 04:29 PM

I think with Address Book, Browser Bookmarks and Mail, you need to look in the respective Help files for a How-To on exporting them individually. Then you would transfer the files over to your MacBook and import them. The same would probably apply for iPhoto too.

I just checked the iPhoto Help files and found the following:


To back up your iPhoto Library folder:

Copy the iPhoto Library folder on your hard disk to another disk. For example, you can copy your iPhoto Library folder to an external disk or burn a CD or DVD of your photos.

As usual with computers there's always a few different ways to do stuff.

Ela 06-05-2010 10:39 PM

Using 2 notebooks

I have just bought a new macbook (Pro with Snow Leopard) and want to share the info I have on my current macbook (the older version with Leopard). I would also like to continue to share the info. How would I do this? Can I set up a network and keep my info on a separate hard drive (outside of the 2 laptops)?

What would be the best way to do this?

Thanks for your help.

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