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    Shared Computers.
    Hey, I was amazed when I booted up Leopard and it automatically allowed me into the shared folder of my PC upstairs, I now watch Videos etc wirelessly through that, its almost like 250g storage .

    My question is, when I try to login as a trusted user (I assume this means gain access to the rest of the files on my PC) it asks me for login details, which wouldnt be a problem if I knew which details it was after.

    None of the profiles on my PC are password protected, so..

    Thanks for any help !

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    Hey Lewwy,

    I'm having a similar issue in the fact that I can get onto my Windows machine and get files from it but cannot put anything onto it. All I get is a "permission rights" message basically telling me that I do not have permission to put any files into my PC's 'Shared Documents' folder - odd

    I also had the "logged in as guest" appear in the bar at the top of the shared computer and when I went to log in as something different (I tried my Windows username and password) it would not have it, I would click OK and it would close the input box and just say "logged in as guest" still.

    I have since done a clean install of Leopard and found that, whilst my problem of not being able to place files into my PC's shared documents folder I can log in as myself (using my Windows username and password). This, however seems to have no effect on the permissions as I have said, even when logged in as me (admin on my PC) I cannot add files to it from the Mac.

    This is a slight downfall as it slows down productivity when working multi-platform etc because of having to go to the PC, connect to the Mac, locate the file and drag it off that way. However, I'm optimistic that Apple will release a fix for this and other networking issues (such as Leopard not being able to talk to my NAS drive) in a future update (Please Apple! I need my networking ability's back! lol).

    Chris (a happy Leopard user despite a few gripes here and there )

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