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    OS X update trouble
    A few days ago when i heard that there was a panther update i opened up software update, i was working on setting up my new router around the same time so RIGHT after i started the update i lost internet access so i had to restart my mac and now... it doesn't show any updates and the updates aren't listed, under Installed updates. any ideas on how to fix this???.

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    Down load the Mac OS X Combined Update 10.3.5 and install it. That will bring you up to 10.3.5.
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    Go to /Library/Reciepts and trash the reciept for the update. Try the update again. Or see the above post.

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    There were some other updates besides just the OS X update one ie: isight, ipod. but even when i delete them from the reciepts folder it still shows No Update.

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