Hello All;
I am very new to the mAC System. I just bought an IMAC yesterday to evaluate/test a software application I'm developing and to create an installer for it.

I need to locate a software installation tool that will enable me to create an installer for my software. It must be either free, or fairly low cost as my budget isn't that big and it must be reliable. Can anyone help to lead me to where I can find one ?

I was told my the salesman at the Apple Store yesterday that one is included on the Operating system install disk. He said it isn't installed automatically so I need to locate it and install it myself. I checked yesterday and couldn't find it but then again, don't really know what I'm looking for. Can someone verify that this is (or is not) included on the Operating System disk and if it is, where it is located ? Also, is it included on the OSX Tiger Install disks, or the Leopard Upgrade Disk ?