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    Mac Mini smiley icon/? folder
    Hello, here is my problem.

    When I try to boot up I get stuck at a smiley face/? folder. If I hit X or OPT I get to the drive selector screen (?) with a straight arrow and a circling arrow but no drives to choose.

    Once in a while it will boot normally and run for a few days.

    I suspect the cable is loose for the the hard drive/DVD drive controller but I hesitate to try taking it about to check.

    Any ideas?


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    i dont have no mac's
    go into system preferences, and select your boot drive and select your HD
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    i dont remember

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    Do as couch says

    You might try starting up in safe mode (press S) on start-up. If it starts up OK in safe mode you know your system or disk structure maybe a bit garbled.

    Use ONYX to give your disk and system a complete overhall

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