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    Exclamation STupid question.. I know, i just need to make sure.
    ''- Simple Upgrade: This option upgrades all the important components of your old system software while preserving all your personal files and most settings. Could it be any easier?

    - Archive and Install: This option saves your existing system files in a special archive, then installs Tiger. You can choose to automatically import your user information and settings into Tiger so you don’t have to reconfigure your printers, Mail and other applications.''

    by macheadcase.

    Hey, i have a new ibook, and i have tiger, if i insert the leopard dvd and click on simple upgrade, all my data and files and whatever, will be saved right? NOTHING WILL BE DELETED in otherwords right?

    If my ibook has no problems so far, my best choice then would be archive and install?

    also, as from what am reading, does upgrading tiger to leopard, increase the percent of getting bugs, or malfunctions on leopard?

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    I think where a simple upgrade has been done, like I did initially, runs the risk of getting the blue screen and it causes a whole heap of hassle.

    If you can, back up your home drive before installing just to be safe.

    I would recommend and archive and install.
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    So archive and install dosent delete your files?
    ( i dont know how to back up files)
    am a brand new mac user, so i dont know how the mac installation goes.

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