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    Time machine wont backup
    I am posting this for a friend of mine. He is using a WD 500mb Mybook for his Time Machine backups. Every time Time Machine starts, it says the backup volume cannot be found. We have re-formated, re-partitioned the drive, and still no luck.

    Any ideas out there?

    I am using Time Machine with no problem with the same model drive.
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    You need to use the disk utility

    to find it look it up in
    .... Utilities
    ........ Disk Utility

    High lite your external hard drive on the left hand side of the window
    Then Click on "Erase" Change Volume Format: "To Mac OS Extended (Journaled)"
    And Click on "Erase"

    I think the Format is were your going wrong.

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    Yep, we did that part already during our testing, and no luck. Any other ideas?
    Imac 20"
    2.4Ghz - 4GB Ram / 320 HD / Mybook Pro 2TB

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    It almost sounds like TM is configured incorrectly. Simple, but did you choose the disk to use, after you reformatted it, in TM's preferences?

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