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    Leopard hangs on screen turned off after some hours
    I’ve installed Leopard on my macbook, upgrading from Tiger.

    The installation process was swift and it completed with no errors or lags.
    For some time, fresh Leopard was running terribly slow- just lagging. After three or four system restarts, everything started to run smoothly. No problems so far.
    Soon after I’ve ralised, that I have a serious problem with my MacBook, hangin in some specific situation

    The computer hangs always in the same situation: while on battery and with AC cord plugged in, I leave it for whole night, sometimes ever for more than twelve hours- downloading via azureus.
    On ‚better energy savings‘ mode the screen turns off after 2 or three minutes. The sleep indicator is glowing (not pulsing, as it does in the sleep mode)
    And that’s ok.
    But after some hours (with screen turned off and sleep indicator glowing constanly. I also hear the cooling fans) my MacBook totally stops respondig.
    Pushing buttons, touching the pad, closing the case is not helping. Macbook is just dead.
    Only thing I can do is to turn the computer off, by holding the power button…

    I’ve formatted my hard drive and ‚clean installed‘ leopard- but that didin’t helped a thing.

    Useful information: while situation described above occures, the only soft running on my Mac OS is Azureus, Adium and skype. Net via wifi.

    Leoaprd hangs, on screen turning off

    This problem appeared after upgrading from my Tiger to Leopard:

    It happens always at a specific situation:
    I often leave my computer to download stuff via azureus.
    With energy saving turned on and ac cable plugged in the screen shuts itself after few minutes. After that, if I leave my MacBook for couple of hours- it’s hanged.

    Pressing buttons, closing the case- nothing helps. The computer is dead. The sleep indicator is on, but it glows continually (not like in the sleep mode, when its pulsating)

    I thought applyaing a clean install of leaopard after erasing my hard drive would help, but it solved nothing.
    MacBook Core 2 Duo 2,16 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD

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    Nov 09, 2007
    I've resetted my PRAM, but the problem still occurs
    MacBook Core 2 Duo 2,16 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD

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    Nov 09, 2007
    I’ve noticed yet another situation in which my mac book totally freezes…

    After pressing the ‚three finger salute‘ (Control-Command-Power ) which should reset my computer, it freezes completely. It looks just the sime as it goes while the screen is off. The sleep indicator glows constanly, the screen is off- no matter what I press or do- macbook is not responding. Only thing I can do is to press power for 10 secs (hard turn off)

    Do you think that SMC reset might help? Maybe that’s some other hope for resolving our problem?
    Resetting PRAM didn’t changed a thing…

    More info:
    MacBook Core 2 Duo 2,16 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD

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    The problem is Azureus, it doesn't work well with Leopard.

    I have had the exact same problem, but also when the screen is active. I don't know what causes it exactly, but it's definitely related to Azureus - it is the common denominator of my tests. When it happens and the screen is active, it sort of greys out and you get a message in the middle of the screen, in many languages, saying that I need to power down my computer by holding down the power button for several seconds. The computer is completely unresponsive at this time, so I assume when it happens while the screen is sleeping it will not respond to your stimuli and wake up.

    Download another client, I recommend Transmission, it's a lot less resource hungry and won't make your fans go crazy either. It will completely solve the problem. I've downloaded the 10.5.1 update and it hasn't fixed it either, I guess we'll have to wait for the next Azureus release....

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    ibook g4, imac 2ghz c2d, mbp 2.4ghz c2d - 10.5.1
    Transmission was mentioned and I love it. Easy, quick and simple to use. I don't think i opened ports for it but then I may have. Anyways its simple to do.

    Also make sure your installation is always fully up to date.

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    I also recommend transmission. It's really awe some. Small, intuitive and most off- it's consuming little resources.
    Keep in mind, that azureus constanly consumed abote 10-20% CPU resources, and the loger it was running on, the more memory was eaten
    MacBook Core 2 Duo 2,16 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD

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