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Thread: How To Change System Icons.

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    How To Change System Icons.
    Hello, I have recently upgraded to leopard, and am trying to customize its interface to my likings. I am trying to change the default look to my folder Icons, and file types, but I do not know how. Can someone please help?

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    Normally you use a 3rd party app like CandyBar, but AFAIK, it's not compatible with Leopard just yet.

    Otherwise, to change System Icons you can usually temporarily change the Ownership & Permissions to yourself, change the icon and then revert the Ownership & Permissions back to System.

    If you have some nice icons you want to use, just find which System Icon you want to change, ie: The Hard Disc icon.

    • Right-click on the HD and choose "Get Info" from the contextual menu.
    • Locate the replacement icon and perform a "Get Info" on it also.
    • At the top of the Get Info window for the new icon, click to select the replacement icon (you'll notice a bluish box around it).
    • Press Command + C to copy it.
    • Now go to the "Get Info" window belonging to the HD icon and click on the icon in the upper left to select your HD icon.
    • Press Command + V to paste the new icon over the top of the old HD icon.
    • Close both windows and you're done.

    To return the default icon again, just open the "Get Info" window of the HD and select the icon up top and just press Command + X to "Cut" or "Remove" the replacement and in doing so, returning the original default HD icon again.

    1. To change the Ownership & Permissions on the HD icon you'll need to unlock this padlock. This requires an Admin username and password. Be sure to lock it when you've changed the icon over.

    2. Click once to select the icon. Notice the blue box which indicates the icon is active or selected.

    Don't click the "Apply to Enclosed Items" button .... it's not necessary.


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