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    Leopard on new internal WD 250gig hard drive
    So thanks to this forum I received a new WD 250gig hard drive... can't wait to use it! Anyways the problem comes as i don't have an external HDD enclosure and my question is...

    ...can I install OS X onto a factory fresh hard drive if I put the hard drive into my macbook?


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    I have the same drive... very pleased with it.

    All you can do is put it in and find out...

    Insert the leopard disk... Shut down.

    Now, pull the old drive out, and insert the new drive.

    Hold "C" while booting... Once (if?.. I pretty sure it will) the in the Leopard disk, choose your language, then in the next screen click Utilities, then Disk Utilities... Format the Drive with Mac OS Extended (Journaled).. ***Before you format... click the Partition tab, and select the scheme as GUID*** (all of this is from memory so it may be a tiny bit off).

    Then do a fresh install.

    Let us know how it goes.

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