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    Cool Remote Desktop equivalent
    I was wondering if anyone knew of any software that would:
    1) Allow a Windows machine to remote control Mac OS X.
    2) Do something similar to Apple's Remote Desktop 2 Asset Management tool.
    Basically I need an information gathering tool that will generate all sorts of hardware and sofware reports i.e. app versions, hardware specs. etc.

    The Remote Desktop 2 software would be ideal if I was able to run it from a windows machine to manage Macs. I only really need those two tools, remote control and Asset Management, or a less expensive equivalent to them. For Asset Management I don't really need to be able to run it from a Windows station.

    Many thanks...

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    Try VNC.

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    Error: No input data!
    I'm wondering if any body has ever heard of this issue. I'm using remote desktop for mac to connect to Quickbooks on a windows server environment. When I print to my local printer, I am able to print, but my printer que ends up with an error line item "Error: No input data!". I've tried phone support from a couple of companies, but no one can seem to help me.

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