Hello everybody,

Since a couple of days I seem to have problems with my preferences pane. It's not really bothering me while working, but from time to time it's just annoying. For example, I needed to uninstall Growl completely instead of just updating it, cause the preferences pane couldn't open it and returned an error message. Today I tried to install a screensaver, which gave me this error message:

The "%@" preferences pane could not be removed because an error occured.
Also, when clicking on the Apple Qmaster icon (I think it came with Final Cut Pro), it says:

You cannot open Apple Qmaster preferences pane on this computer. Contact the developer of this software for a newer version.
I don't know if these two error messages are related, but can anyone give me more information on this? Or better, does anyone know how to solve this? I'm running OSX 10.4.10 on a MacBook.

Thanks a lot!