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    First time , few hours into Mac... Few Basic doubts
    Hi guys,
    Just got my macbook .... Leopard is amazing ( i'm a first time mac user )
    Few questions

    1) I dont want macbook to sleep when i close the lid .. is there any option to do so ?

    2 ) How to keep a password to the computer ... I kept one for my Account but when i restart its not asking for a password

    3) i ordered a APP along with macbook . but i didnt get any documents related to it? will i get them or its everything digital that only its updated in Apples accounts?

    Plz reply Guys

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    I would assume this is the same in Leopard

    I can only help on question 2 as I have no experience in the other 2 questions. Go to System Prefs. Than Accounts and at the bottom you should see "Login Options" Select that and uncheck the box that says automatically sign in as "Your Name". Oh one last thing. Make sure the little padlock in the corner is unlocked when you start or you wont be able to access login options. Lock it later if you want

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    1) Use Caffeine...

    2) Already Answered

    3)It's registered when you bought it.... but you can call them to confirm.

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    thank u for the help

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