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    Some Websites Won't Load
    I am trying to get to a couple of websites that I used to frequent often and now I get this reply:

    "Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding."

    The status bar will go about a 1/4 way in the URL Link and just stop. There is nothing wrong with the server or the site as I can get on any of my Windows machines and it loads just fine.

    Any suggestions?

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    Aug 03, 2007
    Any suggestions?

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    Nov 03, 2006
    so whats the website? that link you provided isnt a website

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    I have the same issue with safari the home page loads but it locks up but works fine in Fire fox a few other sites too but I dont recall them off hand.

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    Only think I can think of is trying it in another browser such as FireFox, Camino or Opera.

    The link in the error message is not a website though...
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    my safari is working fine and i tried your url and nothing and I tried to open your webpage in Bonecho and stillllll nothing.. so it is probably your url address and not safari.. although safari has been having some issues lately when trying to load pages.. but I think this particular issue is more with your personal settings than safari itself.

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    here is the link
    Is there a way to have machine recognize that as a safe link?

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