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    Help! Something screwy with my font...
    Okay so I was downloading and installing fonts earlier for my Macbook Pro. I think I was clicking around too much when installing the fonts and now when I go to certain pages my text is in that font.


    Very annoying! I don't want Metallica font all over my stuff haha. I've tried everything but I'm pretty new to Mac. I can't find any helpful info at all. Thanks in advance!

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    I have this exact same problem. I'll create a thread about it too, hopefully we can get this resolved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doctor_shim View Post
    I have this exact same problem. I'll create a thread about it too, hopefully we can get this resolved.
    Is this system wide or just in Safari? If Safari open Preferences for Safari and the Appearance tab and see what the Font is set to. My Standard Font there is Times 16 and the Fixed Width is Courier 13.

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    Are you installing the fonts with FontBook

    I would delete them from FontBook and use Linotype's Font Explorer to manage your extra fonts

    Its free by the way and better suited to large font libraries.

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    Warning: You do NOT delete anything from FontBook!

    Let's be careful with the advice we give in M-F.

    Once installed, FontExplorer X takes over the fonts: you import the fonts using this app and you can build sets with it, ask it to look for font conflicts, duplicates, corrupted fonts, enable and disable fonts at will.

    You could also run FontNuke to clear out the font cache thoroughly but if you really do run Leopard, I dunno if it is compatible. In Tiger it works flawlessly for me though.

    And doctor_shim, read dtravis's post there are good pointers in there. Resetting Safari could also help in some cases.

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