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bluto00 11-05-2007 04:38 PM

Question About Tiger to Leopard Install
November 5, 2007

Hi all,

I just bought Leopard (haven't got it yet, expected in 1-2 wks) and have a serious question before I install leopard.

First I'll get my system details out of the way:

2.66 Mac Pro - 3GB ram - 500 GB and 250 GB internal hard drives
Dial Up External Zoom Modem
Tiger 10.4.7 installed on 500 GB drive
Parallels 3.0 Build 4128
Windows XP Pro SP2 - Registered with Microsoft in Parallels software.
No Boot Camp Installed, running windows in Parallels.

Summary: I have read there is problems with Leopard doing an update on the Tiger so would prefer a clean install to circumvent future problems. Here is what I want to do...

I want to install the new Leopard software and 'especially' install the Boot Camp, included in this version of Leopard, so I can run Windows in that dedicated mode. I have the updates for Windows XP (hours of download time) installed along with some programs that have been registered and upgraded, again using dial-up, installed on my Parallels Windows system and I don't want to lose this information.


1. Is there a way to save my Parallels/Windows system and all it's information and transfer this into Boot Camp when I install Leopard?

At this time I don't have any Mac programs that I have to worry about so that is not a problem at all, just on the PC side.

What should I do folks? I really would appreciate some help on this.

Thanks to all in advance,


MACyMouse 11-05-2007 04:43 PM

You won't lose the Windows Partition but when you get Leopard, boot up into Windows, pop in the Leopard CD and install the new drivers.....

I had to go through the same thing...

bluto00 11-05-2007 04:54 PM

Thanks MACyMouse,

Then did you make a backup of the Windows partition in Parallels, do a clean Leopard install including Boot Camp, and install the saved information to Boot Camp? What is the process you used?

How did you start a new Parallels partition in Leopard and bring in the old information?

Thanks again for the help,


MACyMouse 11-05-2007 04:58 PM

I did a simple install because I have an older version of CS2 that I don't think would've installed correctly if I did a clean install of leopard... I also use VMWare Fusion not paralles... no problems booting up Windows... no problems installing the new drivers... everything runs great! And switching from windows to mac using "spaces" is absolutely SWEET!!!

VMWare also already saw the bootcamp'd partition....

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