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    How to register Leopard?
    Hey all!

    I just finished upgrading my mac to Leopard and when i restarted I came to a setup assistant that asked me to register leopard.

    I just closed the window because i thought it wasnt important, but then i realized that since i was going to let my fiance borrow the install cd to put on her mac and if she was to register it, would my copy now be viewed as illegal. The cd I have is only a single user copy, so technically if others upgrade using it, would apple know??

    Should she not register it all together??


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    Using a single license on several machines is illegal. But fortunately for you, OS X doesn't get activated in the same way Windows does, so you don't have to worry about the cops bursting into your home because you installed one copy on two machines.

    I would highly suggest you get another license for your fiance, or perhaps exchange your single license for a Family Pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckey06 View Post
    i was going to let my fiance borrow the install cd to put on her mac and if she was to register it, would my copy now be viewed as illegal
    Yes, technically it would be.

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