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Thread: Reinstalling Leopard...

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    Reinstalling Leopard...
    I'm having a few problems with Leopard...When I got my macbook, the leopard cd was included, so right when i turned it on and stuff I upgraded to Leopard. I hear that doing a clean install works best, so I was wondering if I could do that now (or is it too late) and if so, will I lose all of my files? If so, I do have a time machine backup, but will that only restore my main files and not my apps, etc? Thanks =D

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    It sounds like you just got your computer if the Leopard DVD was included. I don't think you need to do an additional install as long as everything on your computer is working fine.
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    When I bought my MB Leopard was installed. However some of the apps weren't (bootcamp). I reran the install and did an archive and install and it copied everything to an old folder but didn't change any settings and didn't delete any apps.


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