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    Question My OS keeps crashing!!!
    I have a MacBook Pro with a 2.33 GHz processer and am running Tiger version 10.4.9. At least once a week, my computer will require me to shut down because the OS unexpectedly quits. When I restart and get the message telling me this, I click the send report button but nothing ever happens (so my situation continues to go unreported to Apple). Can someone please tell me what's wrong and how to fix it??!!

    P.S. - I'm not well versed in many technical terms when it comes to this part of computers so you're going to have to keep it simple please!

    Thanks - Jon

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    hi! i have a new imac 2,4 and it keeps crushin as well. im checkin if there r any software updates in my finder n it says its updated so im not really sure wots happenin..why it keeps freezin? i have to restart it several times a day!

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    I upgraded earlier today and it crashed again just now : - ( Any other thoughts?

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    Have you added anything recently? Like RAM or anything else ? Verified Disk Permissions? Applications>utilities>Disk Utilities

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    Run Onyx to clear out all caches, verify disk permissions and do the full maintenance.

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    Can you give us more info? Not much to go on here to help you.

    When did these crashes start to occur? Was it after a software or OS update? Was it after you installed some new software? New RAM? Was it after you connected a new peripheral? Or after a change in your user settings?

    How much RAM does your MBP run on?

    Create a new user and see if the crashes happen in that new account as well?

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