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    So when ever I try to download from my house's server, or from my computer to my 500gig external (WD) it stops downloading at random and gives me Error Code -36. This (according to the internet) means an I/O error. But I cant find anything that tells me what an I/O error means. I'm not able to even back up the data on my computer (library etc.) because at random, something will have an error code -36 and the whole transfer will be canceled.

    I'm worried because my computer is completely not backed up due to the fact this started happening last time I tried to back things up and now it wont transfer things and what I had got over written and is incomplete...


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    It sounds like a problem with your HDD. Usually you get this error is some sectors are damaged in your drive. The best bet would be to do a surface scan to check the bad blocks. Unfortunately, Disk Utility is not good enough for this. You may have to try it with TechTool Pro or DiskWorrior.

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    I dunno if this has a solution but the error message has been talked about in Jonathan Rentzsch's (a well-known developer for the Mac platform) blog.

    Read the followup as well.

    If these don't offer any solution, they will at least make you understand what is an I/O error.

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    I had a similar error last night when putting all my music onto my laptop after doing a clean install. I really think it was the drive more than anything but all the data was eventually copied. Finder on average would crap out moving anymore than a gig and a half of information at a time.
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