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dcghile 11-04-2007 06:17 AM

Goodbye to Leopard - downgrading back to Tiger
That's it. Time Machine doesn't work with parallels on my common setup (MBP with lacie ext hdd), Mail just refused to open, photoshop has crashed, three times in two days a transparent curtain has descended and told me to reboot, screen artifacts remain after closing safari, etc. It's not worth it, yet. At least for me. I use an intel mbp 17' all day using PS and FCP, wireless (yeah, that's messed up too) and some soundtrack pro. It's just after 4am here in the mountains and I am going to spend the next four hours going back to tiger.

EasternCanuck 11-04-2007 06:25 AM

Sorry to hear! I don't plan on updating to Leopard until issue are worked out.

bobtomay 11-04-2007 06:55 AM

Am guessing you did a simple upgrade, yes?

Similar issues on my upgrade, none with clean install.

schweb 11-04-2007 07:25 AM

To be honest, I have had almost no issues at all with Leopard. I did a clean install however, not an upgrade.

andrebnu 11-04-2007 10:10 AM

I'm planning to to a archive and install next week. I'm assuming, as a clean install, I won't have the same issues as those applying for the simple upgrade, right?

86Apex 11-04-2007 10:34 AM

I did an A&I and haven't had a problem with anything as of yet. Sorry that it's been such a bad experience for you.

MACyMouse 11-04-2007 10:43 AM

Simple upgrade here... no problems....

SC954RR 11-04-2007 11:42 AM

clean install problems

JeffBookPro 11-04-2007 12:39 PM

I did the simple upgrade on both my macs.... no problem at all.

iLindzo 11-04-2007 12:48 PM

Had some issues while doing the "upgrade" install... so did an Archive & Install and haven't had any issues.

Sorry you're having so many problems... :(

Joe Diver 11-04-2007 12:49 PM

Simple upgrade here.

Blue Screen issue, easy fix.
Lost admin to my account, easy fix.
Gimp broken, no fix yet.

Other than that, all is wonderful. Time Machine works perfect. Integrated mail and iCal is fab.

dtravis7 11-04-2007 01:36 PM

Did an Archive and Install on 1.66Ghz Intel Mac Mini. Not one issue so far.

amrk47 11-04-2007 02:01 PM

upgraded here Core2Duo MB no problems

slinki 11-04-2007 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by EasternCanuck (Post 520868)
Sorry to hear! I don't plan on updating to Leopard until issue are worked out.

Same here.

fletch33 11-04-2007 04:44 PM

did a fresh install on black MB and ZERO problems. all adobe products work perfectly as well. i never choose upgrade on anything i do. i always like a fresh clean start.

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