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Just thinking of the money you've wasted on Leopard that's all. I wouldn't be happy having just thrown that money down the drain. What are you going to do when nothing new works on Tiger in a couple of years?
Well, I wouldn't say it as wasted money as I want to use it sometime but what can I do at the present? My iMac hardly got past booting up with Leopard - I couldn't use it at all. At present 10.4.11 works perfectly for me.

dtravis7 said it could be hardware related which is possible. If it is, what option do I have with an iMac? Not many I'd say. Don't get me wrong I want to use Leopard but what can I do? And why are some people having troubles on their new intel macs?

In a couple of years time this iMac will be 6 years old so I reckon I'll just buy a new Mac if it gets to the stage when nothing new works