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Thread: Locking files

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    Locking files

    I recently switched from writing my diary with a pen & notebook to writing it on my macbook!
    Does anyone know if there is a way to lock an individual folder (containing my diary entries in text edit files) so that a password is required to access it?
    The macbook is a family computer and we don't have individual log-ins, so at the moment anyone can look at anything. I don't really want to have to have seperate log-ins, so is it possible just to lock one file?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can't lock the files, but you can put it in a encrypted disk image which will require to put in a password to view to contents of that disk image.

    Open up Disk utility in the Applications/Utilities folder

    Click on New Image

    Select a place to save the disk image, and a name

    Choose a size which suites your needs

    for encryption choose AES-128

    And for format leave it as read/write.

    Then Click Create and and put in a password

    When you put in a password make sure you de-select remember password

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    Use an encrypted disk image.

    Disk Utility > New > Blank Disk Image

    Choose your size, encryption type and name, etc. It will ask you for a password. Be sure not to save it in the keychain. Don't lose this password or your data will be gone forever.

    Be sure that it is read/write. When created just double click to mount it and then just save your files to it. Unmount it when you're done.

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