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    Has Leopard Killed My iMac?
    Last night I was in the middle of a large Bit Torrent download and I decided to port forward my router for the first time. As the download took forever, I decided to go to sleep and leave my computer on to finish it up. But when I woke up this afternoon, I noticed my download had stopped and that my internet connection was not working. So I decided to restart my computer and after the Apple chime, the screen just stayed white. The grey Apple did not come on and the computer has just stayed that way. I have turned it off and tried it time and time again, but right after the chime comes on, it just stays the way it is and the screen remains white. I have tried to put in my Leopard DVD and tried to reboot from Tiger, but it freezes so early, no key commands work and I can't eject the disc. Has my computer died? I just installed Leopard on the release date and I am wondering if this has anything to do with it. Any way to fix this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Also, to elaborate, I have tried resetting my PRAM and NVRAM, and also tried holding down C at startup, but the white screen still remains and does nothing.

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