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Thread: Bluetooth problems in leopard

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    Nov 03, 2007
    Unhappy Bluetooth problems in leopard
    Hello everybody, i have a big problem.
    I just got Leopard, from my work.
    I have a problem, when i try to send files through Bluetooth from my phone to my MacBook core duo (the first Macbook)

    i dont have problem sending from my Macbook to my phone!

    I can find my Mac on my phone, when I try to send a file, its come with an error right away "delivery failed"

    whats can be the problem?

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    Nov 07, 2007
    I just got the solution for the Bluetooth
    So Now you can send any files to your computer through bluetooth..

    here is the Solution:

    1- On each Mac OS X 10.5-based Mac, from the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

    2- From the View menu, choose Sharing.

    3- Check (click) the "On" box next to Bluetooth Sharing.

    4- Close the Sharing preferences window.

    I try it and its works Fine

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