I've been using Leopard for a week now on my MacBook, and I noticed something the last few days that's bothering me.

When I wake my Mac from sleep in the morning, for the 1st few minutes everything seems jerky and laggy. Expose lags, Entourage gets stuck and beachballs on me, quitting an app seems laggy. It's almost as though the machine is doing a great deal of swapping and sorting itself out. After a minute or so, this goes away.

Now I haven't experienced this kind of thing since I left WinXP. I can think of two explanations:

1) It's catching up on some housekeeping that would have been done overnight had I left it awake rather than closing the lid

2) The machine pages its virtual memory upon being woken. Perhaps memory is freed up after a certain amount of time and when it wakes, it decides that's the time to empty the VM.

I have watched the memory useage when this happens, and it often goes from 1.3 GB or so wired to 1GB wired, so 300MB or so of RAM gets freed up.

Anyone else noticed this?