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Thread: AD account locks every day on my Mac

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    AD account locks every day on my Mac
    I have a user on our network who is running Max OSx and every day at 9am like clockwork his account locks out in AD

    Has anyone heard of this before or know if anything strange runs on Mac at 9am

    I am not a MAC user so am just trying to support this.

    Thanks for any help

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    Closer than you think.
    Why do AD accounts get locked out? Turn on auditing to figure it out.

    Is there an XServe integrated with AD? This may be trying to authenticate with mismatched credentials. Or it's trying to authenticate when there is a conflicting policy.

    Bottom line is that something is trying to authenticate to AD and AD is not accepting the user/pass. Look at GP and see what thresholds are setup for that time.

    It's not the Mac. It's a user/pass maybe but Macs don't do anything special as a whole at 9:00.

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