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    Unhappy My Home Directory has been nuked - User Error Alert!!
    Well, "nuked" is a bit harsh, more like my Home Directory had a stroke ...

    So now I'm in a bit of a spot here and just need some advice ...

    I just lost most of my Home Directory (don't ask, cos' I'm a backer uperer) and all my Pref panes except 3. I also lost most of my 3rd party apps.

    When I go to the Apps folder the icon for the lost apps has changed to some random icon and if I try to launch the apps I get an error message (see below).

    What I need to get my head around is can I download/install them all over again or do I first need to flush what's left of them out of the System.

    If the latter is the case, then does anyone know the exact steps to take?

    I only need the answer to this before I can move on and mop up.

    Funnily enough I only lost the 1st half of my library alphabetically, so I lost the Movies folder but not the TV shows folder, and didn't lose any photos at all from iPhoto. I lost my Documents, even the icon disappeared from the Finder sidebar. My Movies folder is empty.

    If I go "Show Package Contents" on the missing stuff in Apps or on any installed Components, there is nothing in the window that launches.

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