After the about an hour long restore, I restart my PB and it simply hangs at either "Starting Login Window" or "Starting network file system".

I replaced my PB's hard drive a few months back, then it died a few days ago, so I got an advanced replacement from Seagate. I went to Disk Utility and opted to restore from my backup from an external drive. Then once it was completed, I restarted the PB and it just gets stuck at the loading screen. It won't get to the Login Screen at all. I really want to get to my backup because it has my Mail accounts in the mail apps. I forgot a few account passwords, so I can't access them on the site as Mail accesses it automatically.

Any ideas?

I've already tried this:

If I install Panther all over again, it works fine. But restoring from a Backup it just hangs at the loading screen.