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twitchymike@mac 11-01-2007 04:34 PM

Finder Crashes a Startup
On bootup in Leopard, the Desktop shows no files - no disks, no icons at all. The dock is OK but clicking the Finder icon doesn't open a window. The mouse icon is a spinning beachball on the Desktop.

Has anyone seen this? It's quite restrictive of use of the Mac! Good to have Spotlight find files. Applications in the dock will mostly run OK, but can't restart because this will just hang. Needs a cold power down and boot...

Booting from Leopard DVD and repairing boot hard disk / permissions shows no problems, but the Finder is now dead. Could this be hardware or software failure? Any ideas?


ivnj 11-01-2007 04:50 PM

Ouch. Try reinstalling the OS maybe.

novicew 11-01-2007 04:56 PM

Remove the Finder preferences file form ~/Library/Preferences/ and restart the Mac. I am not sure whether it would help but it wont harm your system.

twitchymike@mac 11-01-2007 06:15 PM

This sounds like a plan. Can you be more verbose on how to do that? I am OK with UNIX but not so much on Apple UNIX and the location of items...


twitchymike@mac 11-01-2007 06:23 PM

In fact, I've found these: what if I delete the following?

would it mean disaster, or would I just have to set some preferences again?


novicew 11-02-2007 01:15 PM is the one you should delete. When you restart the Mac. a new one will be created. Your problem may cause due to a corrupt .plist.

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