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    Unhappy W32.NetSky
    Having problems with my G5 - iPhoto has crashed and cannot be re-opened. Often Safari just closes down in the middle of things. Ran a scan and there seems to be a worm "W32. NetSky" infested on my computer. What free software can I download to get rid of this problem? Can anyone help?

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    It's Windows-only malware. But a site might have planted a cookie, so clear the cookie cache. Here's some info:
    The top ten list of malware reported at Sophos's global network of monitoring stations in the first six months of 2006 are as follows:
    Position. Virus - Percentage of reports
    1. W32/Sober-Z - 22.4%
    2. W32/Netsky-P - 12.2%
    3. W32/Zafi-B - 8.9%
    4. W32/Nyxem-D - 5.9%
    5. W32/Mytob-FO - 3.3%
    6. W32/ Netsky-D - 2.4%
    7. W32/Mytob-BE - 2.3%
    8. W32/Mytob-EX - 2.2%
    9. W32/Mytob-AS - 2.2%
    10. W32/Bagle-Zip - 1.9%
    Others - 36.3%

    All of the above malware works on Windows; none is capable of infecting Mac OS X.
    I don't know whether this is true.
    The problem is not your PB nor your yahoo, it is the fact that your email address is somehow stored in an ADDRESSBOOK of somebody's WINDOWS PC and is infected with such worm.

    Another sad fact is, you really cannot trace (thru normal non-extreme means), who the real sender is, because the nature of this worm (NETSKY.P) generates a random "sender/originator" email address. As long as your name is in the infected pc's addressbook you will never get rid of it.

    One more thing, make sure that your Yahoo, spam protection feature is enabled.

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