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    Where has my space gone
    Afternoon All,

    I see to have a macbook that is enjoying eating space!!!

    Last weekend I had over 60gb free on my HD, now today, three days later it is showing only 23Gb free?

    Whats going on? Is there any tools to check this out, and reclaim my space?

    Before its asked, no I have not downloaded or installed anything of significance......

    Hope someone can help :-)


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    download the program whatsize, and it will scan your HD and show you what is taking up space.
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    I had this happen to me. I was running iMovie, creating a video, but every effect I "trashed" in imovie got stored (in imovie trash can)... I didn't know the trash in imovie needs to be "emptied" and I went from 120 gigs to 600 megs!!! YIKES!! AFter emptying both trash cans, and rebooting a few times, the issue was resolved. So if you're doing anything as such with trash cans and you're SURE you want them tossed out... empty it.

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