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BMan100 11-01-2007 05:23 AM

Extra Leopard Disc Question
Hello, first post here!

On the 24th of October I bought a new MacBook, as I was in need of a new computer since my PowerBook G4's hard drive died. I'm a student, so I desperately needed a new computer! I knew that Leopard would be releasing 2 days later, and I would be eligible for the up-to-date program, allowing me to receive Leopard for $10.

On Leopard's launch day (Friday), I ordered the up-to-date disc for my new MacBook. Unfortunately the following Monday, I found my MacBook's screen to faulty. I called up the Apple store where I bought the MacBook and they said I could come in and switch it with a new MacBook.

I went back home and opened the box and found that the Leopard upgrade disc was bundled with the MacBook, so now I'll soon have a second Leopard disc coming in the mail... I didn't even realize until today, I've been busy at school and work and realized this just recently.

Any suggestions on what I should do? The email says the disc has already been shipped. Not sure, if I'm able to do a return... don't even think it's worth it. $10 isn't *that* big of a deal to me...

bobtomay 11-01-2007 06:26 AM

I'd wait untill you get the disk in the mail.
Then, if you like to be totally honest about it, give Apple a call. Let them decide whether they want to issue an RMA for it or not. From other things I've heard of Apple doing, they just may tell you to not worry about it. If they do, then you have the option of giving away or selling the extra copy to one of your friends with a clear conscience.

Levi 11-01-2007 08:29 AM

Considering that the license agreement for both discs is that it's supplied with a hardware purchase (retrospectively in the case of the one in the mail); and you've only bought 1 machine, you really only have 1 license, but 2 discs (I.E. passing on/selling the spare disc wouldn't also transfer the license to use it... it's just a pretty coaster/frisbee).

You might be able to get your money back by giving one of the discs back, but since the $10 only really covers materials, shipping & admin costs I wouldn't really say it was refundable (but Apple is generally nice about these things).

Personally I'd just keep it as a backup in case one gets lost/damaged.

If you want to pass it on, Apple might give you some sort of special price to upgrade to a full-license (possibly including a "don't worry about it... no one's keeping count"), put I've never heard of it happening.

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