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    Mac Help not working in Leopard
    With finder on the menu, selecting Help>Mac Help opens Mac Help Window. In the new window all links does not work. If you do a search, the result's links does not work as well.
    I installed from upgrade on a Mac Book Pro 2.2SR.
    So far (after many hours of working on Leopard) it seems that the new OS is behaving a bit slow...

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    Was about to report back that the links in mine did not work also.

    Went to selecting several links, and nothing. As I sat there staring at it, wondering what was going on, I finally had the last link pop up. It took a good 30-45 seconds. After that first one started then they all seemed to be working OK. Give it a shot, select a link and let it sit there for a minute and see if it starts up or not.
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    thanks... I'll try that as soon as get back from work...

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