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    A Rush opinion on Leopard
    Well guys, I finally got my copy of Leopard in the mail.

    I upgraded right away, the installation went smooth and very fast.

    The new look of OS X is kinda.. ugly to me, I mean, the new finder and dock are cool but other than that l really don't like the look of it, the transparent bar and the smooth gray look, I prefer the original WHITE bar and the Brushed look of windows.

    As for the new features, they are really helpful! especially to someone like me who works on eBay all day and needs an auto-backup, spaces cuz using lots of windows and so...

    Final score from my point of view:
    Look: 6/10 (I really prefer the OS X Tiger look).

    Performance: 10/10 (Works awesomely faster!!!)

    Features: 9/10 (Some are not really useful for me)

    Tested on MacBook 2.16Ghz Core 2 Duo, 1GB Ram, 120GB Harddisk.

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    24" iMac 2.8 GHZ/2GB/320GB/Leopard
    So far I have installed on three different Macs...
    My Imac G4 1.25 ghz is running it fine...My menu bar is still like Tiger so I figure that has to do with it being a G4...
    My powerbook G4 1.33ghz...again like the Imac it is handling just fine..
    My NEW mac mini on the other had was doing fine BEFORE over all...

    I like leopard so far other than my extremely frustrating browser crash issue...
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    Oct 20, 2007
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    Well I believe your menu bar transparency is cuz of the video card and not the G4 processor.

    The slowness on your mac mini may be cuz you did an upgrade instead of clean installation?

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