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    Ok, I have a Domain which is handle by windows servers running AD, DHCP, DNS, Group policy for windows users. I have an three X serves running 10.3 and 10.4. I want the mac users to authenticate to our domain but integrating the X Serve in this matter. I have bind the X serve to the Active Directory and sometimes it works and some other time it doesn't. What I want to do is manage the macs through the X serve and do something like Group policy on the windows environment. Let me mention that all of these users do not have administrative accounts and are restricted. Also I want to be able to download updates to the X serve and get the clients to pull down the updated from the x serve and not apple.. Again this accounts do not have administrative rights, so I don't know if this is possible or not or maybe using a script.. Thanks

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    Let me see if I understand this right. You want the Mac Clients to authenticate to the Mac Server but have the Mac Server authenticate to the Windows DC.

    I don't know enough about Mac Server for sure but if it's possible what I think the best option would be is to setup the Mac Servers as a second domain in the same forrest with a trust to the Windows Domain. That would give you the closest design to what I think you are looking for.


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