If you read my other thread (http://www.mac-forums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82531) you'll see I had some issues trying to set up Bootcamp. Somehow, my whole HD got wiped when I was formatting my Windows partition.

Thanks to the help from this forum, I was able to reformat and reinstall Leopard to get my iMac up and running. Once I got Leopard going, I decided to see just how good Time Machine really was.

I had setup Time Machine after I first got Leopard installed on Saturday morning. I have to say I was impressed at how easy it was to get it started. After my HD was wiped, or what I'll refer to as, the "incident", and I got Leopard running again, it asks if you want to copy files over from an external disk or restore from Time Machine. So I selected the restore option and chose the latest backup.

After all the files copied over, in I went, and low and behold, everything is there! And I mean everything (that I can tell anyway)! All applications, documents, settings...everything. You can't even tell I just reformatted the disk.

I have to say, as a relatively new switcher, this just reinforces my belief that getting a Mac was the right thing to do. The whole experience (minus the "incident") has been great.

I also wanted to say thanks to everyone here who helped me keep my whits while I got things back together. Your help is much appreciated.