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    Question .Mac Sync critic! Never once gotten it to work!!
    I have never once been able to get my computers to sync properly using .Mac...EVER!

    I brushed it aside while using Tiger and just kinda forgot about it (in the back of my mind though, always wishing I could do it) and then with the release of Leopard, I tried again to see if I could pull it off and get it to work...NO LUCK!!

    I have read all the forum posts and how-to articles out on the subject, only to be disappointed when I tried to implement strategies used by other on my own setup...

    It should be as simple as this, if I am not mistaken:

    - Unregister all Macs currently registered with 'The Truth'...(if given the option to erase unused data on .Mac, choose to do so. As an added measure to ensure that 'The Truth has no extra data laying around, open iSync from the applications folder and then from its 'Preferences' menu, choose to 'Reset Sync History'...

    - Setup one computer as the 'Master' computer with all of the primary data you want synced...

    - Upon re-registering that computer in the .Mac system preference pane, and upon being presented with the option to have either 1) .Mac overwrite your computer; 2) have your computer overwrite .Mac, 3) or merge data between the two; - you would choose to have your 'Master' computer overwrite .Mac

    - Easy enough...after the first successful complete sync of the Master computer to .Mac, then go to the secondary computer you want synced and re-register it in the .Mac System Preference pane and upon being presented with the above options, this time choose to have .Mac overwrite your computer

    - Done! That should be it...right? - WROONNGG!!!

    -Not once have I ever gotten this to work! I am in dire need of support with this, as I have now made it my personal mission to get this working properly (simply because of the fact that my ego can't take it that this is simply not an issue for hundreds and thousands of newbies out there, and yet its an issue for me!)...

    When I say I've not gotten it to work, what I mean is that after a very short amount if time after running through the steps above, one of my computers or the other reports that "XX number of items will be added; XX Number will be modified; XX number will be deleted" - and you can go ahead and fill in the XX with a number in the triple digits - usually...

    I did have one thought that I was hoping some of you could possibly weigh in on and give me your take...

    One possible reason why I have been unable to sync successfully, perhaps, might have something to do with the fact that on all three of my Macs that I am trying to sync, I am using the exact same Account User Name and shortname (i.e. Home Folder name)

    Might this have something to do with my problem...its my last possibility I can come up with...but I would be glad to hear any thoughts that any of you might be willing to share...

    out of curiosity...when I am presented with the XX number Modified/Added/Deleted dialog, is there an option I should choose universally on all Macs being synced, such that this message might not re-appear again after a while if I stick to that same choice on all my machines...When it says "200 Contacts deleted; 4 Added; 20 Modified" and I get that message on the machine that was initially setup as my Master computer with all of the updated info on it...I've always been reluctant to choose 'Proceed' and have usually chosen to 'Cancel' the sync at that point (and then I scurry away with my tail between my legs...broken ego and all

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!


    Thanks again, and I look forward to your responses!

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    Can Someone Please Please Please Help Me Out With This???

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    Suggestion, stop interupting the sync halfway through and freaking out just because it tells you it is about to sync xxx number of items. Read the message and click the appropriate answer then watch as it syncs away. You do have a backup right? Right?

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    My gut feeling as I read your problem (like theonegod before me) is that you're just freaking out. But then you say

    "it says '200 Contacts deleted; 4 Added; 20 Modified'" and it shouldn't say that. So it makes me think you are accidentally selecting the wrong Sync option at some stage.

    You are right. Syncing should not be that hard.
    My recommendation would be to drag your User folder to an external drive. Then try to Sync with every computer you want to sync, and Sync no matter what. It'll probably be fine.
    But if... wait, what am I saying? You have Leopard, so if Sync does screw your computer up, set it back with Time Machine.

    In any case, the point is that when you Sync, your data will be stored somewhere. Find where it is and Sync from that source. Just Sync, don't swim.

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