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    improving efficiency upon startup?
    first, i apologize for my lack of knowledge of computers.

    a friend hit a few strokes a while back while my ibook was starting up and he said that it somehow improved the speed of the computer. i believe he called it the "fisk code". if anyone knows anything about this, please do respond with this sequence of strokes.

    thanks much,

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    There's this:

    Start up holding Command + S to boot into Single User Mode then type fsck plus something else I've forgotten .... but this is diagnostic stuff so I'm not sure if it's the same as what your friend did ...

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    Typing "fsck -f" (without the quotes) after booting your computer into single user mode by holding Command/Apple + S when you turn your machine on is basically the same thing as booting up from the install disk and "repairing" the hard drive, if needed. It won't make your computer run faster per say, but it is a good thing to do every once in awhile. I much prefer doing it via this method instead of booting up from the install disc which can take a very long time and offers no advantage unless you can't even boot into single user mode in the first place.

    Anyway after you type the fsck -f, don't forget to type reboot after it is finished to restart your computer!

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