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Thread: Fix.. Draft mail that wont delete.

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    Fix.. Draft mail that wont delete.
    Ok I don't know if anyone else has this problem but if you do this is how I fixed it.

    Problem.... My draft emails would not delete. I would delete them in the main window but the number of drafts on the left side of mail window still showed the same number of drafts and then when I moved to a mail box and back to drafts the same draft I deleted would be in the same place.

    To Fix With POP mail boxes.
    Close Mail.
    Click the back ground.. you will see next to the apple on the top bar will change to finder.
    With Finder on Top go to "GO" (drop down bar) Click on "HOME"
    Look for the "LIBRARY" folder and Click on it.
    Look for the "MAIL" folder and Click on it.
    Here you will see folders . For POP accounts you will see the folders will start with POP-(then your email address with incoming server)
    Take this folder and move it to your Desk Top
    GO to the Apple on the top left corner (drop down) Click on Log out
    and then Log back in open Mail and the drafts should be gone. check to see
    that you can email out of the same account and you still get mail.
    If you find this to be so you can move the folder on your desk top to the garbage can. It seems Mail replaces The folder that was moved. Note all drafts and other emails that are not on your server will be lost.

    Please not I am not saying this is the right way to correct this issue but it worked for me. Be sure to Keep the folder on your desk top till you are sure your account is working correctly If it does not work correctly replace the folder back to the same location it was taken form.

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    Thanks for the tip. I have been having this problem intermittently drafts/trash/sent since the upgrade. I figured it was my iPhone, .Mac and MacBook all trying to sync up. I'll give this one a try.
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    Another option, certainly much easier if it works, is to highlight the Draft folder. Go to Toolbar. Click on Mailbox. On Drop Down menu, select "Rebuild". It should fix it.


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